Chasski App

We are CHASSKI the innovative and revolutionary application to place orders, buy, send and receive everything that can be acquired, transported and hand delivered. We connect people, we connect businesses; we are CHASSKI.

Creates a network of teams at work to order and deliver without limitations of borders; from neighborhood to neighborhood, from city to city, from country to country, from continent to continent.

CHASSKI, because of its nature, already has a large network of locations and businesses where something desired or needed can be ordered, bought and delivered ; however, CHASSKI has something even bigger called CHASSKI BUSINESS that makes the difference with the largest virtual mapping software available today; CHASSKI BUSINESS shows locations on its map that you would never have imagined to find.

The CHASSKI connection creates working partners; brings about friendships, progress and business; we have developed a system that allows and encourages more people to find work and that in the future they may create teams of labor networks, new businesses, associations or corporations, with optimal results.